About Us


Trust and Security in the Online Economy

eVerified.org is the leading the way in merchant verification and security checks and powers trust in the data economy. We use our state of the art process to review and collect data on a merchant and then pass that information on to the consumer for FREE!

Our verification process delivers to the consumer a real outlook on the merchant they are spending their hard earned money with. The merchants also pay a fee to be part of our network, this fee allows for us to perform the required checks to gibe a merchant our seal of approval!

All eVerified.org solutions are engineered to enable businesses to continuously develop new and innovative products and marketing programs while adhering to best practices for providing customers with transparency, choice and accountability regarding the collection and use of personal information.


Trust for Consumers

eVerified.org powers trust by ensuring businesses adhere to best practices and ethics regarding the collection and use of personal information, sales, products, and conduct on their websites and apps. If you see the eVerified.org Certified Privacy Seal on a website or app, the company operating that property has met the comprehensive privacy certification requirements established by eVerified.org.